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Together at the Top


At Mooloolaba Counselling and Performance we want to help you progress and flourish in every area possible. Do you want to improve your performance at work? Are there sporting goals you want to achieve? Or do you just want to get forward in life? Whichever it is, we have the tools and techniques to help you to the top of your mountain.

There is often the misconception that therapy is just a great place for people dealing with mental health difficulties. In reality, it is also a great place for people to improve their life balance and develop the quality connections in their lives, whether it's with other people or enjoying things in their lives. Using our wide range of skills and experience we will help you develop your self-awareness and mental skills and we will work on negating any impediments that are holding you back. You will then find yourself far better equipped to manage those stressful and challenging situations and be able to flourish like never before.

We have worked with various CEO's, business owners, consultants and athletes in various sports and have found a huge improvement in performance in their work but most of all in their general life.

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